Gel Polish

Gel Polish

If you haven’t yet experienced the difference a gel polish manicure can make, you’re in for a real treat. Gel polish is a hybrid nail polish set under UV or LED light, and has quickly become the most popular nail treatment today. 

Gel Manicure

This treatment includes the same method utilized during Dora’s standard manicure, with the primary difference being a hand moisturizer that’s applied before the application of the gel polish. Gel polish should last at least two weeks, depending on how you look after your hands, how aggressive you are on a daily basis using your hands and how quickly your nails tend to grow. 

To remove the gel polish, Dora uses a steam-off machine process which begins with breaking the top layer of polish and placing your hand in the machine for a few minutes; this renders the polish easy to remove without any damage. 


Gel Pedicure

The exact same methodology used for standard pedicures is applied to Beauty Pearl’s gel pedicures, with gel polish applied instead of the standard nail polish and moisturizer cream used at the end of the session. On feet, the gel lasts for five to six weeks on average, but this is dependent on how feet are cared for and, again, how quickly your particular nails grow. 

Gel polish is the perfect finish, eliminating the need to worry about drying time and enabling you to put shoes and socks on immediately after treatment.