It’s often said “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” or “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” 

However you choose to view it, this sentiment suggests we should treat the eyes as the most important part of the face…and we do just that at Beauty Pearl. 

Here’s what Dora offers to help you achieve the most beautiful eyes anyone has ever seen: 

Eyebrow shape

Shaping female eyebrows can be considered something of an art form, and it isn’t easy to find the right person for the task. Dora offers waxing and tweezing services for eyebrow shaping, and while the same result can be achieved using both methods, some clients prefer one over the other. After the waxing process, eyebrows are checked with a tweezing method to achieve the perfectly sculpted shape, the longevity dependent on how quickly your particular hair grows. 


Eyebrow tint

This process of dying your brows doesn’t involve any hair removal – though Dora certainly can combine it with waxing and tweezing.

The Beauty Pearl eyebrow tinting procedure typically lasts for approximately three to five weeks. 


Eyelash tint

Our eyelash tinting service involves the addition of a special dye to the eyelashes, providing weeks of dark, lush, sexy lashes without the necessity of mascara. If you’re preparing for a sultry night out with the girls or want to wow that special someone after you slip on that new little black dress, Beauty Pearl’s eyelash tinting is the way to go. Results typically last three to six weeks, depending on how much the eyes are touched, how often the face is washed and what kind of cleanser is used. 


Special eye treatment

During this procedure, Dora focuses solely on the eye area. After the skin is cleaned up, she uses a special serum cheekily dubbed “vitamin bomb” around the eyes, adding a hand massage and crystal bar application for a truly relaxing, almost out-of-body experience. This special eye treatment is perfect for tired eyes, bags and dark circles, and can also help combat fine lines.